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It was founded as a small hardware store in 1959 at Famagusta. It imported goods in 1960 for the first time. In 1973, it was incorporated with the name Ilkay M.Genc Ltd and it continued its activities under this name.

Today, it provides services to people of TRNC with 3 construction stores as 1 in Famagusta, 1 in Nicosia and in 1 in Kyrenia and with 2 storehouses. Ilkay M. Genc Ltd Company includes 22.000 kinds of products including of construction materials, hardware, hand tools, paint, ceramic, bathroom, sanitary ware, and home decoration materials. In addition to retail sales, the company has service vehicles providing wholesale distribution to the market of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The number of countries that the importation is realized is 15 and the number of co-operated companies is over 100.



Genc Construction is established under Ilkay M Genc Ltd within the boundaries of TRNC and it operates in the construction and the real estate sector. Our company opened a new investment and employment area in 2002 and started to provide services in the construction sector under the name of Genc Construction Ltd.

Web: http://img-ltd.com/igcltd/



Ilkay M. Genc Ltd was established in 2010 in Istanbul. It has started its activities in order to provide products from construction materials, technique and hardware sector to Turkish market and to export many of the construction materials produced in Turkey to the other countries all around the world. Gench International Yapı Malzemeleri Tic. Ltd. offers ergonomic, practical and safe solutions and it serves in Turkey with the sense of quality. Gench Group always combines innovative sources with different solutions and we are happy to serve our valued customers. We believe that our customers deserve the best and therefore, we produce quick solution and demonstrate a transparent and consistent approach. Most importantly, we support creativity and innovative thinking in all areas. Web: http://www.gench.com.tr/



G Suites Luxury Rentals was opened in Nicosia city of TRNC as partnership of Ilkay M. Genc Ltd in 2018 with 24 luxury rental rooms.

Web: https://www.gsuitescyprus.com/

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