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1 + 1 Double Deluxe Room

1+1 deluxe rooms for 2 people have wide and spacious spaces for individuals.
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1 + 1 Double Deluxe Room

32" Full HD Led TV
Dress Cabinet
Central Satallite System
In-Room Bath & WC
Double Seat
Inverter AC
Free Wifi
Mini Kitchen - Cooker & Hood
Study Desk

1+1 double deluxe rooms attract attention with their spacious and wide spaces. The bedroom is separate from the living area and kitchen area and this creates special spaces for the students living together. The students may sometimes have conflicts in the single type rooms because of the different studying and sleeping times. For avoiding such conflicts, there are 2 different spaces in the double deluxe rooms for the students to get along each other. While one of the students is sleeping, the other one can work comfortably and watch TV or use the kitchen. Designing double rooms as 1+1 is one of the most important differences of City Dorm.
In addition to the room facilities listed below, City Dorm student dormitory has many extra features such as 24-hour reception, laundry, dryers, car parking, lobby service, elevator, closed circuit camera, generator, and sound and heat insulation.

The double rooms are separate from the bedroom and they have kitchen in them. Students can cook their own meals in the kitchen with built-in cooker, hood and mini fridge. 1+1 double deluxe room stands out as the most preferred accommodation option by students with its affordable price and comfort.



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