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16 Jan

Near East University Dormitories

Near East University has provided all kinds of opportunities for the students to benefit from the best accommodation needs affordable for almost all budgets in a safest way.

Dormitory Rooms and Features

 Near East University dormitories are located in the north of the campus and constructed in 4 blocks. They have designed as 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and super luxury studio apartments. The apartments have the technical equipment to meet all needs of the students. In these student rooms which are prepared for the best living conditions, there are beds as the number of the students, study table, wardrobe, fridge, sofa set, coffee table and television stand, dining table and chairs, A/C, electric stove and oven, washing machine, closet for dirty clothes, LCD televisions, satellite and internet infrastructure which make the student feel at home and provide the comfort they need. Whole building and all apartments are equipped with the hot water system and the dormitories of Near East University have been furnished in a luxurious way and the students have been provided with a comfortable and secure their lives in the dormitories outside the classroom.

Dormitory Registration and Dormitory Room Features

You can register in the dormitories of Near East University from the dormitory agents outside the University and the registration desk on the campus. The students of the previous year can have a reservation registered by paying 25% of the price for the new semester. The prices vary according to the features of the room and are determined on a yearly basis and the students who want to register in the dormitory should enrol in the school and acquire their student number first. Then, they can register in the dormitory. The dormitories are separate for male and female students. There are luxury and economical rooms. In the economical rooms, the transportation between the dormitory and the university, security, cleaning, canteen, heating and lighting services are given. There are all kinds of items a student needs.

The apartment prices in the dormitory where the breakfast, lunch and dinner services are given vary according to the class of the rooms. There are also super luxury apartments in the Park Palace Residence and the dormitory in central Kyrenia of the Near East University for the students. There are beds as the number of the students, toilet, bathroom, television, telephone, fridge, internet connection and central heating system in the rooms of the mixed dormitories. The rooms are cleaned according to the plan. 

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