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16 Jan

North Cyprus Student Dormitories

Where to Live During the University Education

One of the biggest problems of young people who study or want to study at the university is a place to stay. The people are looking for a safe, clean and comfortable place. Because of this, the dormitories are the first choice for the students. However, many dormitories do not understand what the students want and they cause great problems for young people. But, if you are going to study in a country like Cyprus which is rare and fun, you do not have to think about it any longer. Because, the dormitory you have chosen is the most preferred dormitory when compared to the others in TRNC. Thanks to our dormitory which has a libertarian understanding and gives importance to wishes and feelings of the students, the studying at the university has never been so great. Welcome to the only address of trust and quality.

Services Provided by Our Dormitory

Our dormitory is located in Küçük Kaymaklı quarter of Nicosia. This quarter is very close to the centre and the transportation vehicles. Namely, our dormitory is located is a central location and close to the universities, markets, stations and government buildings. The difference from other student dormitories is that it is a part of a corporate and a well-known company in Cyprus. Our dormitory is protected by security guards and the closed circuit camera system which provides security for 24 hours and 7 days. There are also a password door opening system and a fire alarm. There is no second that students are under unsafe conditions. The internet service is provided for all students need the most as a free service with the help of fibre optic infrastructure. The rooms are cleaned periodically by the staff and there is a room option for every budget.

Rooms Suitable for Every Budget

When compared to the other dormitories, one of the biggest advantages of our dormitory is that there are rooms suitable for all budgets. We have three types of rooms. There are single studio rooms, 1+1 double deluxe rooms and 1+1 double corner deluxe rooms. The rooms have been designed to suit every budget and to be enjoyed by the students. In our rooms, there are television, internet, central satellite system, arm-chair, air conditioning, mini kitchen, hob, wardrobe, refrigerator, telephone, nightstand and bathroom and WC. Our dormitory has a unique comfort that the students will never regret.

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