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16 Jan

Dormitory Prices in Nicosia

CityDorm in Short

When the results of the exam are announced, the rush to search for places to stay near the school starts. As CityDorm, we aim to solve this problem by undertaking this effort. When collecting information about the dormitory prices in Nicosia, City Dorm that you will frequently encounter has been established by Ilkay M Genc Ltd, entrepreneur-rooted company of North Cyprus in order to provide the best service with its central location, 60 years of experience and expert staff who can meet all student needs.

About Services and Features

CityDorm which provides service with all kinds of services and equipment that a student may need has started to provide services with 27 rooms in 2016. 3 of our rooms consist of 1+1 double deluxe and 24 single studio apartments. All rooms have inverter A/C; 32 inch full HD led TV, central satellite system, free internet, kitchen, cooker, hood, hot water, fridge, bathroom-WC, telephone, wardrobe, nightstand and work table. In the 2-person rooms, the personal spaces were designed and a layout and a design were chosen for each student and thus, the disagreements related to studying, sleeping spaces and watching TV are eliminated. The rooms are periodically cleaned by our staff on a weekly basis and the students will feel safe with the security officers and reception services for 24/7. There are also elevator, generator, laundry, car park, CCTV closed circuit camera system, password door opening system, fire alarm system, heat and sound insulation for general use available. We are assertive about category of the best service in the dormitory prices in Nicosia.  

You can find more information about our room types and features.


  It is the room type which is preferred by those who want to experience their freedom and to live on their own.


It is designed to be suitable for the personal use due to the fact that the common areas such as kitchen, living room and bedroom to be used by students who may have different working, sleeping and resting hours.


This room type is more spacious when compared to the double deluxe rooms and again, they have been designed by considering the same comfort and personal use principles.

About Location and Content

When dormitory prices in Nicosia are considered, CityDorm can be preferred with its proximity to the city centre, state institutions and universities; it has been put into service by combining its affordable prices with modern interior architecture by considering the sensitivity of the private space of the students.

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