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16 Jan

Dormitories in Nicosia

Student dormitories just as comfortable as hotels

 It is our primary duty to host your children in a healthy, peaceful and safe environment. You can use our corporate website in order to provide easy access to the services of the dormitories in Nicosia which provide a calm and relaxing comfort just as warm as your home. You can visit our home page for our communication service, the comments you sent and the images of the dormitories. The students and their parents can also use the satellite map system in order to see the region of the dormitories located in Nicosia via the internet extensions. You can easily see all dormitories in Nicosia, their settlement points and estimate the distances. Our national and international service platform also offers services by appointment. Thus, you can visit our dormitory at the most suitable time. Our dormitory does not only offer accommodation services. It also offers services for sea, air and land transportation points, the transportation guide links and all other issues. Thanks to the distance measurements based on meter and kilometre, it provides you a guide of transportation step by step. 

Internal and External Features of Dormitories

When you view our dormitory rooms, you can see that they are large enough for one or more students. There is everything a student needs: kitchen, wash basin, bathroom, bedroom, study area, useful and comfortable items. You will not have any problem about heating and all the energy resources needed, regular electricity system and limitless internet in dormitories in Nicosia.   

The lighting, furniture selected and wall paints of the rooms are designed according to the ambiance. An efficient study environment is provided thanks to eye-pleasing furniture and design selection.

Our dormitory campus is well lighted and located in a place close to the central locations, the campus and the university areas where you can easily access. By this way, the students significantly save time. Our building security systems are the latest technology and the alarm systems work actively for twenty four hours and seven days.

The registration and payment systems operate in a systematic way. You can contact our customer service representatives of dormitories in Nicosia for instalments, discounts, private and government agreements, service contracts and any other issues you might be interested.

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