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16 Jan

Near East Dormitories

Moving from one city to another is a difficult process for everyone as well as for students. Even though it is an indicator of courage for young people to leave their families, friends and other loved ones, the students look for an environment like their homes because they leave their families for a long time, perhaps for the first time in their lives. Especially, if you have to go overseas countries like Cyprus, it is much harder for you.

Dormitories with Family Warmth

Near East University dormitories provide accommodation services for the students in the dormitories for female and male students and also in the mixed dormitories with family warmth. The students who stay in the dormitories meeting all of the needs like meals, accommodation and laundry feel like they live together with their family. There are study tables, wardrobe, television, bathroom, toilet etc. services in each room of the dormitories. Thus, the students can meet all their needs without leaving their room. The students who make friends in the common areas within the dormitories of Near East University have an environment where they can stay during their education and make friends which will last a lifetime.

Free Internet in All Dormitories

Providing free internet service in all dormitories ensures that the students have a great advantage while studying. The students who can read e-books and take online exams do not have to think about the bills. The all inclusive concept is valid for the services in all dormitories of Near East University. Therefore, the students do not have to pay additional prices for their water, electricity and natural gas needs.

Roommate is at Your Initiative

The students can stay alone if they want in the rooms where single and multi accommodation options are offered. The students who want to decrease dormitory expenses and to socialize can choose the dormitory rooms with 2 or more students. There are high security measures taken in the mixed dormitories or in the dormitories separated according to the gender. Thanks to high security measures, the students can accommodate and study in the library of the dormitory without making their families anxious. The families feel comfortable thanks to the dormitories which are equipped with cameras and special security systems. The dormitories which provide advantage for the students in the first years of the university education are especially affordable.

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