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16 Jan

Cyprus Student Dormitories

The biggest problem of students who prefer to study in Cyprus is accommodation. It is very important for students to find a dormitory where they can stay there with comfort and safety just like their home. In this respect, the dormitory is selected carefully.

How are the Rooms in Ideal Student Dormitories?

The room of the person is the most private living space. Thus, the required ease and comfort should be ensured. By considering this principle, the student dormitory brought different alternatives for the rooms. There are different options such as single studio type or double studio type rooms. The single type rooms have own bathroom and a kitchen. The rooms are also furnished with lock drawers, lockers, bookshelves, study tables which are required. There is also an opportunity to host guests for up to two people at the home by providing a living place that they can enjoy together with their friends.

Comfortable opportunities are provided for students with breakfast options. There is also a restaurant with a variety of dishes. Since the security has a priority in the student dormitories in Cyprus, the dormitory has safety guards and security camera system. High security is provided with card system at the room doors. Hygiene is important and there is cleaning, laundry, etc. services. The heating is not a problem thanks to the heating system infrastructure. The rooms are large enough to enjoy a spacious space, to study and to do home activities.

How is High Quality Dormitory Service Provided?

Thanks to experience of many years, the students entrusted by their families are welcomed with a high quality service. We work in a way to ensure the satisfaction of the families with our disciplined staff. It is aimed to offer accommodation without any problems. The most central location of Northern Cyprus in parallel with the prestige of its guests was chosen. Its location is close to the school and the shopping malls. Cyprus student dormitories offer services creating privilege.

There is hot water for twenty-four hours. There is a generator for water cuts. There are spaces large enough for studying. Alternative studying spaces are provided. The features which make life easier are included. The high-speed internet is available for free. Cyprus student dormitories provide peace thanks to rooms with sea view. There are medical rooms for possible health problems. The interior design of the dormitory building shows its quality. The social activities of the students were taken into consideration and the corresponding areas were created.

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