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16 Jan

Cyprus Dormitory Prices

CityDorm student dormitory is located in the Nicosia city of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and with its modern style and comfortable rooms; it opens its doors to all students.

Safety in Forefront

CityDorm student dormitory which is located at the centre of Nicosia offers students 24-hour free internet and 24-hour security. In addition, all entries and exits of the student dormitory are under control with closed circuit camera system and password door opening system. CityDorm fire alarm system also protects students from possible dangers.

 CityDorm which is located in the Nicosia city of Cyprus is close to university and state institutions and also bus stops and markets. Room cleaning is done by the staff on a weekly basis in City Dorm.

What are the Options for Room?

City Dorm which is located in the Nicosia city of the TRNC appeals to a wide range of people with many room options. CityDorm student dormitory has rooms for everyone with the options of single room with 1 bedroom, 1+1 deluxe room and 1+1 double corner deluxe room. The students can stay in these rooms alone or two people together.

New Year Special Campaign

The prices of CityDorm student dormitory have also been set out by considering the students. CityDorm which guarantees the most affordable opportunities among the student dormitories in Cyprus prepared a big campaign for the students before the New Year.

How Much are the Dormitory Prices?

CityDorm opens its doors for the students with the prices starting from 5.999 TL in Cyprus. In City Dorm, the payments can be made in Turkish Lira and there is also an extra discount opportunity has begun.

Discount for the New Year

CityDorm student dormitory offers a 10 percent discount for seasonal enrolment in the New Year. The students who want to benefit from early registration should consider CityDorm because it has one of the most competitive prices among the Cyprus dormitory prices.

 About CityDorm

CityDorm which is located in Nicosia in Northern Cyprus offers attractive opportunities with its affordable prices and its campaign applied before the New Year.

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