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16 Jan

Dormitories in Nicosia for Female-Male Students

Nicosia is a city in where International Cyprus University, University of Mediterranean Karpasia and Near East University are located. Even though each of these universities has their own dormitories, it may not be enough for the students who are continuously increasing. In this case, the private dormitories step in. These dormitories work within the Ministry of National Education and they are very modern buildings.

Properties of Dormitories

The dormitories for female-male students in Nicosia are generally located close to the universities. The students can access the universities by free buses and as well as by walking. The dormitories for female-male students in Nicosia have all the opportunities for a student to stay comfortably and to live safely. There is 24/7 security and reception service.

In the buildings where the services such as Fire detector, led TV, wireless internet, laundry and ironing service, warehouse, parking lot parking lot, prepaid and card electrical meter control system are provided, the students can cook in a fully equipped kitchen whenever they wish. The buildings are constructed in a modern way.

Dormitory Rooms

The dormitories for female-male students in Nicosia have rooms including cookers, microwave ovens, plates-cutlery kitchen utensils air conditioning, internet, steel safe box, carpet, blanket, sink, refrigerator, led TV, satellite broadcast, wardrobe dresser, shower cabin, orthopaedic bed, desk, towel and hot water and it is a shelter where all kinds of needs of a student are satisfied. In some of the buildings students also have their own balconies. The rooms are clean and spacious.

The dormitories serve by the principle of providing an environment for the students to live and study peacefully. In addition to these dormitories, the residences, 3 + 1 apartments with bathrooms, 3 separate bedrooms, living room, kitchen, 2 WC and 2+1 apartments with 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, 2 WC and bathroom are available. These apartments are stylish and comfortable. There is also a gym offering the opportunity to do sports for the students during their break times and free times. Breakfast is usually included in the price in these dormitories. Bed linen, pillow and quilts are changed weekly. In the dormitories with a study room, the sections were adjusted according to the departments. For example; large washbasin for dentists, drawing table for architects.

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