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16 Jan

Nicosia Student Dormitories

The student dormitories offer different fittings to make the students feel at home. The students will have many opportunities to connect with their friends for their whole life and to participate in student activities, thanks to the dormitories that provide a strong and inclusive accommodation service that encourages students to live in a location close to the campus during their years of study.

Your New Home is Student Dormitory

Thanks to these student dormitories, your new home will be an important part of your learning experience. The dormitories in Nicosia which have specially selected options to help you get the most out of your school and social facilities during your university years, offer different accommodation experiences and always meet the highest standards.

Immerse Yourself in a New Culture

The dormitories in Nicosia which provide the opportunity to live with other students for more independence, offer you the opportunity to live and socialize with your new friends. The dormitories, where the most appropriate accommodation services are given with the options of single, twin, double and dormitory rooms, host the students from all over the world. Living with strangers and adhering to the dormitory rules may be difficult at first, but almost all students adapt to the dormitory life over time. Thanks to the spaciousness of the dormitory rooms in Nicosia, you can live in a larger area during your education. In addition to the internet connection, telephone and other basic needs; there are private bathrooms, shared rooms, recreation rooms, parking areas and even fitness halls in the dormitories as well as dining, car parking and laundry services are provided.

More Freedom in the Dormitories

The final decision on how to spend your university years belongs to you. But, you want to make sure that the dormitories are comfortable and pleasant. The dormitories located in Nicosia offer more freedom for the students. By choosing a student dormitory in Nicosia, you will have more freedom to live your life as a social being. Television, emergency care service, water, garbage and sewage costs are included in the price you pay. The dormitories, which are also responsible for your safety, will ensure that you and your families are comfortable during your stay with the friendly, knowledgeable and professional management staff of the dormitories.

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